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You have cleared 12th exams and now its break time! Among all your school summer vacations this vacation is going to be very special, after all, it's your last summer break. With all the “to do” list of vacation one more thing must be roaming in your mind. What to do next? Well in this case if you are a commerce students then it is great.

Advantages For Commerce Students

Commerce stream provide wide career options. But still, in India, there is a myth among parents that commerce stream is not good for our child. It is believed that students who are “not so smart” choose this stream. In fact, people think that students who just like math calculation go for this stream and there is very limited scope in this stream.


Well, it’s time to bust this myth! If you are the one who thinks that scope is limited for you then you need to search a little bit. There are many science people who earn in thousands whereas commerce people are earning in lakhs. Thankfully the demand for commerce stream is increasing now. 

This is due to the wide range of career options a person has after 12th. One major benefit for commerce students is that not only commerce courses but these students are eligible for arts courses as well. You get an option to choose from yours as well as others stream.

With accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, and English being the compulsory subjects, maths is optional. Whether you have math or not, you still have many options to choose from. Now you must be wondering what can courses can a commerce student opt for. Not only graduation, but there are professional courses as well which you can choose. 

Here is the list of all the courses that you can opt.

Degree Level Courses After 12th Commerce

  • B.Com: Mostly this is the first choice of a commerce student. Bachelors of Commerce is a three years long degree course. This is popular because the difficulty level of this graduate degree is not very high. Second, you get many options after completing this course, you can go for a job, do post graduation like M.com or MBA, go for skill-oriented courses or vocational courses. In this course, you will be taught about finance and accounting in deep. The subjects covered here are Income tax, Business Regulatory Framework, Auditing, Corporate Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Human Resource Management, Management Accounting, Mathematics, Business Communications, Statistics, Company Laws, Business Environment, Banking and Insurance, and marketing.
  • Law:  Before, only graduates were allowed to do LLB. But now, even 12th students can do this course. For the law, you will have to choose an integrated course. this course is of 5 years, you get a graduate degree as well as LLB degree together. You can choose from following integrated courses: B.com+LLB, BBA+LLB, BA+LLB. Talking about the career after this, you may join a regular graduation job or join a law firm in starting. After growing, you can open your own startup, you can start your own law firm or start consulting firm. Once you start growing in this you earn a lot of money.
  • Mass Communication: Bachelors in mass communication and journalism is a 3 years long full-time course. Whether you had math or not you can opt for this course, you only require a minimum of 50% in 12th class to be eligible. The job opportunities after completing mass communication are in journalism, advertising, print media, video editing, content writing, television reporting, radio journalism, editing, etc. The main subjects in this course include Fundamentals of Journalism, introduction to advertising, Media Ethics, Reporting, Electronic Media, Mass Communication, Editing, and Communication Skills.
  • B.A: If animation inspires you then B.A in animation field is perfect for you. Any stream student is eligible for this undergraduate course. You can choose specialization with like in web design, graphic, video and sound editing, 3D animation, Visual effect, film making etc. The job after this degree is amazing. You can get a job in the field of animation cartoon, film making, or in graphic designing.

Other Degrees/ Courses A Commerce Students Can Opt

  • B.A. in Economics
  • B.A Hons in English
  • Bachelors in Financial Markets
  • Bachelors in Accounting and Finance
  • Bachelors in Hospitality Management
  • Bachelors in Banking and Insurance
  • B. Sc Hons in Social Science

All these courses are full-time courses and are of three years duration.

Professional Courses After 12th Commerce

If you want to do something different from opting for a degree then these professional courses are best for you.

  1. Chartered Accountancy (CA) CA is opted by half of the commerce students. But why is this course so popular? Well, the stability after becoming a CA and unlimited money increases its demand. The best part is you can pursue CA and also continue your degree side by side. A student needs to register with ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) for CA course. CA course has no specific time duration, you are required to prepare and give exam for this degree. It depends on the student how fast he can clear this degree.
  2. Company Secretary (CS) This is another popular course among students. You can pursue CS if you have a minimum of 50% in your 12th examination. To pursue this degree, you have to register to ICSI (Institute of Company Secretaries of India). If placed in a reputed company, a Company Secretary gets a very high income. CS has three levels which students have to clear to get this degree. First is the Foundation Program, then comes Executive Program and then the Professional Program. To go in next level student needs to clear the previous level first. The best part is students get multiple attempts to clear this examination, But if you study properly you will be able to clear these levels in first go only.
  3. Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Certified Management Accountant is a course offered by ICWAI. Before, this course was known as CWA course. CMA course takes from 2 to 3 years to be completed, students can directly opt for this course after 12th class. Just like CS course, this also had three levels and to clear next level you have to clear the previous one. The three levels are Foundation level, Intermediate level, and Final level. These three professional courses are best for commerce students who want to have a job at an early age. It just takes two to three years and you have a professional degree in your hands. Not only this, if you have an interest in the technical field and you think you can’t opt it because you are a commerce student, then you are wrong.

Technical Courses A Commerce Students Can Opt

  • Web Designing and Development: will help you to become a front end and back end developer, web designer, full stack developer, UI designer, and web app developer.
  • Animation & Multimedia: This course will help you to become a Media director, Advertising manager, Video Editor, Graphic Designer, Animator, and publisher.
  • Game Developer: This gives you job opportunities in becoming a Game Artist, Game Tester, Game Designer, Game Programmer, Game Animator, etc.
  • Digital Marketing: This course helps you to become a Content Marketing Manager, Content Writer, SEO Manager, and Digital Marketing Manager.

The duration of all these courses is different. It depends on whether you are opting for a degree or certification course.

The career options don’t end here. There are many students who don’t want to opt for any degree after completing 12th and start working. 

Well, this is possible, if you aren’t interested in doing any graduation course then you have the opportunity to directly start working as well. There are many private as well as public sectors who hire 12th pass candidates. To join a reputed public sector there are many entrance exams which you can give.

SSC, CDS, UPSC, FCI are some of the popular exams which a commerce student can give. These exams test your Aptitude skills, English, and General knowledge. Not only the position is good, but the salary is also fair enough for a 12th pass candidate.

So here were all the career options you can choose from. now it is up to you want you to want to do after your 12th exam. Whatever your choice be, make sure not to be too stressed about it and enjoy your vacations. You won't get this time back, enjoy it to the fullest.

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