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Many people think of joining Indian army. Working for the safety of National is one of the proudest and best job for an Indian. Is your dream to be a part of our Indian Army? Then you are at the right place! Here you will get all the information required to join the Indian army. Along with it, we will also tell you highly useful tips for preparation. But before reading further know that to join Indian army just being interested in the job isn’t enough. You have to be highly passionate about joining the forces. It epitomizes the ideals like sacrificing, serving country, and patriotism.

Procedure To Apply

Depending on your qualification, there are many posts where you can apply. First, visit the official website of Indian Army. There you have to register your basic details.

Once you fill your details you will be allowed to check the eligibility criteria for different positions. You can check the qualification and other requirements for the post you want to apply. If you are applying online, make sure that you have all the required documents before proceeding. Know that the minimum qualification for any post in 12th, but there are some positions like Soldier Tradesman, Soldier GD in which you can apply after 10th as well.

Check the physical standards required (weight, height, and measure of chest needed). Along with this, having a good vision is also required.

Other Way To Join The Army

Lakhs of students apply in official sites. But there are some other ways as well for joining the Army. For this, you can try applying by alternating ways which increase your chance of getting selected by 80%.


Entrance Exams

  1. NDA is a popular entrance exam conducted by UPSC. Minimum qualification required for National Defence Academy exam is 12th. Once the candidate clear this exam he undergoes five days Service Selection Board interview. After the candidates pass this interview, they can successfully join the NDA. Once the NDA course has competed candidates are then sent for their pre-commissioning training.
  2. CDSE, that is Combined Defence Service Examination is also an entrance exam conducted by UPSC. But here, only those students can apply who have completed their graduation or are in their final year. Once the candidate qualifies CDSE exam he has to give SSB interview and clear the medical test. Those who clear this test goes for military training for the time period of 18 months at / Air Force Academy, Indian Military Academy or Naval Academy and then for 11 months training at OTA (Officers Training Academy).
  3. University Entry Scheme (UES): Those who want to apply for Commissioned Officers position should give this exam. Engineering students in their pre-final year are eligible to give UES. Candidates have to give campus interview and based on their interview they get selected by Army Headquarters. Candidates have to go through the same procedure of SSB and medical test, after which they are given training of one year in IMA, Dehradun.

Other Ways By Which One Can Join The Army Includes

  1. Short Service Commission (SCC) Entry
  2. NCC for college students
  3. Judge Advocate General (JAG) Entry
  4. Army Cadet College Entry
  5. Special Commissioned Officers Scheme, etc.

Minimum Requirements For Different Posts


  1. For TGC, CDS, Education Havildar, and Religious Teacher - Candidate need to have a graduation degree or should be in the final year.
  2. For NDA, Nursing, TES, Technical, Soldier Clerk - 12th/ Intermediate
  3. For Soldier Tradesman, Soldier GD - 10th/ High School.

For Physical Test

The activities in the physical test may be different for different trades. But there are a few common activities which are included in every test. This includes Pull up action, Six km run, Zig-zag balance, and nine feet ditch to check courage.

Minimum Age

  1. Technical Army Officer - 17.5 to 21 years
  2. Soldier General Duty (GD) - 17.5 to 21 years
  3. Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO) - 27 to 34 years
  4. Tradesman, Housekeeper - 17.5 to 23 years
  5. Nursing Assistant - 17.5 to 23 years
  6. Havildar Education - 20 to 25 years
  7. Catering Officer - 21 to 27 years

Step By Step Preparation Tips

  1. To Join Indian Army, first of all, it is important to clear the written exam. It's useless to prepare for further steps if you aren’t prepared for the written exam. The difficulty level the exam depends on the trade you are applying for. Follow these tips and prepare for the exam according to the trade you are applying for.
  2. Know The Exact Syllabus: Before starting studying gather the syllabus and if available then go through a few previous years questions. Some students study very hard but then they waste their time by learning the topics which aren’t in the syllabus. Write down the syllabus and study according to it.
  3. Make A Timetable: This sounds childish but this will help you to divide your syllabus and make everything easy to some extent. Divide each subject topic wise. If you are not a timetable person then don’t make a timetable of the whole day, instead set goals for each day. Complete a certain topic each day.
  4. Maintain Regularity: Avoid taking breaks every alternative day, keep preparing every day. Studying regularly will not only build your focus but will also help you to complete syllabus fast.
  5. Previous Year Questions: This next is very important in exams preparation. Once you complete a topic solve previous years questions related to it. Try solving sample papers once your syllabus is done, this will help you to understand the pattern and will also help in building up your confidence.
  6. Short Notes: Once you complete the entire syllabus, revise it 2-3 times. Make short notes of the point which you are weak at. Prepare a small notebook, write all important formulae and points for last minute revision.
  7. Documents Required: Make sure all your documents are with you. Searching for documents in the last moment can be a mess, and if you don’t find any document you might get rejected even after clearing the written test. The documents which you will require are:
  8. - Your qualification mark sheets (10th, 12th, or graduation)
  9. - Caste certificate (if you have one)
  10. - Residential certificate/ Domicile.
  11. - Other certificates that you have like NCC certificate, outstanding sportsman certificate, relational certificate or - any certificate which might be required to be shown.
  12. - You admit card and of course, your resume.
  13. - Always carry latest passport size photograph minimum 10-15.
  14. Keep the Original as well as a One Set Photocopy of all the above-mentioned documents.

Physical Test

Having a sound and good health condition is required for joining Indian Army. Even after clearing entrance exams and Screening test many candidates get rejected due to your low fitness. Being physical and mentally fit is a very important aspect to join the Army. Once you clear the test you will have to go through the following tests. Vision test, ENT test, blood test, Chest X-ray, Urine test, ultrasound, Surgical examination and general medical test like weight, height, heartbeat, blood pressure, etc.

Once you clear this medical test the real physical test starts. It includes Running for 2 to 4 km in a time limit of 15 minutes, sits ups and push-ups, skipping, rope climbing, and chin-ups. If you do the gym regularly then clearing this test won't be hard for you but if your physical activities are less than you need to work on this area. It is not possible to run 4 km in 15 minutes without any practice. You will need at least 2 to 3 months of practice to train your body for the physical test.

The Right Way To Start: If you are not a workout person, don’t worry. This 2-3 months for practice can help you to clear the physical test. But then make sure you practice regularly. It takes time to build the maintaining regularity will help you in this. Eventually, your body will get habitual of workout and running won't be a tough task for you.

Start By Setting Small Goals. Avoid running barefoot and buy good running shoes. In the first few days, just focus on running for 15 minutes when your body becomes habitual to running then focus on the km you run.

Tips For Starting Workout

  1. Try to work out in the early morning in fresh air or in the evening.
  2. You can eat light fruits like banana, orange before running or even drink a half glass of water. Avoid running after taking a heavy meal.
  3. Keep a gap of at least 2 to 3 hours between your workout and meal. Running with a full stomach can cause health issues.
  4. Before starting workout warm up your body. This will help you in running smoothly and your body won't get sore after the workout. For warm up you can simply do some stretching or do slow running (jogging).
  5. Avoid drinking too much water after running, if you feel thirsty while running then taking a sip of water won't harm. Drinking water sip by sip in every 15 minutes will keep the body hydrated.


During Physical Test

By now you will be all prepared. To run in Rally try to get the front row in your batch. While running, make sure you are away from the crowd. Keep the mind calm and don’t panic if you are not in the first position. Running fastest is not important but running by keeping stability is. Try to keep your balance, falling can cost you a lot in the rally.

With running, don’t forget about the pull ups and push ups. Running phase is the toughest one in the physical test but pull-ups are also important. The instructor might ask you to hold the “up” position for a certain time so be prepared for it.

Lastly, if you prepare well and have the confidence to clear the exam then you will definitely get selected in the Indian Army. This proud moment of getting selected is worth all the hard work.

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