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Giving a job interview can be tough sometimes. You prepared well on some topic and they ask you something completely different, then what? You never know what kind of question the interviewer may come up with. There are a variety of questions you may be asked, it might be related to your course, based on decision making, behavioral, or anything.

Well, the interview is not any rocket science. Don’t worry, an interview is a form of communication only and the person on the other sider (interviewer) is also a normal person like you only. According to human psychology, there are some common questions any person asks during an interview. 

Here are those questions which you will face often in all kind of interviews.

Tell Me About Yourself:

No matter what work profile you are applying for or for what post you are applying to. Nine out of ten times an interviewer is going to ask you this question. The reason is simple, it breaks the ice between both of you, this question is asked to test your communication skills and also to make you feel comfortable.

Now don’t do the same mistake which other candidates will be doing. Avoid rambling, go for talking about yourself rather than going with the same introduction pattern. 

Most of the things are mentioned in your resume so avoid talking about them, rather highlight the elements which you want the interviewer to focus on. You can discuss your ambitions and hobbies.

Interviewer listens to the same introduction again and again and sometimes end up asking “tell me something which is not in your resume”. So be prepared for this. Try to make a positive impact on the interviewer.

When Asked About Your Strength And Weakness:

This is the most common question you will be asked after your introduction. Avoid using common words like “hard-working”, “capable”, everyone must be saying this. Rather focus on your three-four unique strength and mention them. For example, if you are good in teamwork then mention it with the example that how to proved to be a good team leader in your college projects.

Whatever strengths you are mentioning make you sure elaborate why you are saying so. Never mention your weakness even when you are asked about it. Instead, tell them about your strength as your weakness.

Avoid using negative words for yourself this makes a bad impression of you. You can mention your plus point like “I can't say no when someone asks me help”. This acts as your weakness as well as a good point. It shows that you are kind and help others. In a similar way show your good points as your weakness if asked.

Why Do You Want To Join Our Company?

Many interviewers ask this question. No one wants to get stuck here, so study well about the company before appearing in the interview. Research about the company from its website, know what the company does actually and hat motivates you to join the company. 

For example, if its an IT sector and you are there for developers profile then you can say I am very passionate about coding, your company will provide me a perfect platform to use my skills in a proper way.

Similarly, in whatever profile you are applying to show why you are the best candidate among all. Avoid saying anything negative about the company. Even if your while interview went good this one negative comment can make you lose your job.

Do You Want To Ask Anything?

Never say no to this question. This is going to be the last question interviewer will ask you and if you came to this question, chances are high for your selection. It’s good to always go prepared for this question. 

Try asking about the future projects of the company, or how much growth you will have if you start now, about the management style or company, or the responsibilities you will have if you get selected. 

Try to make a good impression on the interviewer before you leave the room. Avoid getting too personal with the interviewer, just ask about the company and work environment.

The Other Questions Which You Should Prepare For Are:

  • Where do you imagine yourself after five years?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Why did you leave your previous job? (if you are not a fresher)
  • Your salary expectations.
  • What motivates you.
  • What makes you different from others?

Remember that your job depends on how you perform in the interview. Now the next time when you go to an interview, make sure to practice these questions.

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