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The first impression makes the last impression, this is true in many cases. When you go for an interview, even before you speak a single word the interviewer judges you based on your attire. Your color, height, or weight might not matter during the interview but how you carry yourself to put an impression. If we dress rightly then we are assumed to be more confident flexible, and successful.

Now deciding what to wear for the interview can be a little stressful process. Your outfit is as important as your communication skills during an interview, it shows your personality. But the question here is what to wear? Well, your attire depends on an at which company you are giving to give an interview.


Top 4 Outfits You Should Carry For Different Types Of Interview

1. Research If There Is Any Dress Code:

It's best if you search about the company before deciding your outfit. Go to the companies website and check the media, you can guess what kind of clothing will be appropriate there. If you are still confused then it’s good to take advice. Call the HR (if you are in contact) and ask directly what dress will be appropriate for the interview, they can tell you better.

Your attire also depends on the position you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for some high post like corporate position in law or finance, then wearing a dark colored formal suit will be best for you.

Women can wear a skirt suit or pantsuit with tied hair. If you can applying for less formal profile then you can wear a bit casual dress like pant shirt. Business casuals are the best for this position.

2. Professional Interview Outfit:

If you are experienced candidate applying for any high post then looking more profession will be good. To wear professional attire, men can go for a suit jacket or slacks with tie and shirt. Women can wear statement dresses, you can also wear dress pants, a white solid shirt and black pant with formal bellies will be a good option for you.

Whether you are a woman or a man, the color of your dress should not be too bright or flashy. Avoid fancy colors, especially neon colors. Black, blue, grey, white, and dark brown are some perfect colors for professional dresses.

3. Outfit For College Job Interviews:

You are allowed to wear anything casually in the college but during the interview make sure you are dress formally. 

  • If you have college dress then it’s a plus point for you. 
  • You should wear your college dress only but if it's not so then try wearing formal clothes. 
  • For you being a little less formal is accepted. Your Pant shirt is a good outfit for you. 
  • Make sure that your clothes are ironed. 
  • Do your hair properly, for boys groom your beard. Keep your shoes clean. 
  • You can also wear jeans if you want just make sure it's not a cropped jeans, not wearing proper professional dress is okay for campus placement.

4. Pay Attention To Your Hair And Makeup:

Avoid wearing heavy makeup during the interview. Keep it as simple as possible, avoid heavy foundations and dark lipsticks. Go for light eyeliner and nude lipstick. Overdoing your makeup might distract the interviewer. 

Groom your hair a day before the interview. Make sure your hair is clean, they should look polished and professional just like your outfit. If you are having a bad hair day then go for ponytail instead of keeping them open.

Outfits You Should Avoid!

We talked about what you wear but it is also important to know what not to wear in an interview. Our main goal is to make a good first impression, and to look perfect here are some outfits that you should totally avoid in interviews.

  1. Short dresses and shirt. Keep your clothes formal and not too revealing. Avoid wearing party dresses. Wear long skirts, at least one with your knee length.
  2. Tank tops or designer tops with thin straps.
  3. Ripped jeans and Capri.
  4. Open-toed sandals, sports shoes, and flip flops.
  5. Always wear formal shoes.
  6. Strong perfume. If you want to wear perfume then keep it light. Don't let your perfumes smell distract interviewers.
  7. Dresses with a deep neck. Avoid wearing fancy dresses, keep it as formal as you can.
  8. Baggy pants. It looks very casual for an interview, prefer wearing fitted clothes.


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