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12th class is considered to be the last stage of school life. We take sweet memories of school with us, it’s a lovely time but what after that? It's time to decide want we want to do now. There are a lot of options available for students to choose from, especially for science students. 

Science stream is popular not only because of engineering and medical. But because one can choose any career path after passing from this stream.

The Popularity

This stream is very popular among students. It not only offers exciting jobs but also a very luxury future. In fact, parents push their children to take science because of its stable career only. The main subjects here are physics, chemistry, maths, and biology. Though students get an option to choose one among biology and math. 

In the science stream, you are given an option to choose the subject groups as follow.

List Of Primary Subjects In Science Stream

  1. PCM: This includes physics, chemistry, and maths. PCM is ideal for students who have decided to pursue engineering in the future.
  2. PCB: This includes physics, chemistry, and biology. PCB is perfect for those who want to pursue a career in the medical field.
  3. PCMB: This includes physics, chemistry, maths, and biology as main subjects. Students taking this subject combination have an advantage over other students. They have a choice to choose either the technical field or the medical field.

Various Career Choices Are Available

Finally, the 12th class is over. Now the college life will start but before that, it is important to decide what to do. Being a science student you are very lucky, you have a number of career options available for you that others don’t have.

List Of Professional Courses After 12th Science

  • B.Tech: Engineering is one of the most opted courses after class 12th by a science student. Bachelors of Degree has many branches in itself, where you study in brief about the branch you choose. Computer science, electrical, electronic, Biotechnology, Mechanical, petroleum are some branches in Engineering. The basic requirement to opt for this course is to have PCM as your main subjects. The best part is you can go for this course even if you have scored between 50 to 60 perfect in your 12th class. For top engineering colleges, students should prepare for JEE mains exam.
  • MBBS: This becomes the first option for students with PCB. MBBS, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery has a huge scope, this degree is best for students who want to become an allopathic doctor. After MBBS, you can work in specialized fields like psychiatry, orthopedics, neurosurgery, etc. You can also work in a reputed hospital or open your private clinic. AIIMS, AIPMT, and JIPMER are some important competitive exams for MBBS aspirants.
  • Bio-Chemistry: Students who have an interest in chemistry should go for this course. Biochemistry is a dynamic and vibrant disciple where you get to study biology with the point of view of your favorite subject, chemistry. You can opt for B.Sc with biochemistry, graduates which this branch have an excellent future. You will be able to keep animals, humans, and plats away from diseases.
  • B.Pharma: Students with PCMB as their core subjects can apply for this course. This professional course prepares the student and gives them training for the pharmaceutical industry. After graduating, you will be in high demand in India as well as abroad. In bachelors in Pharmacy, you can opt for a career as a drug therapist, pharmacist, drug technician, drug inspector, and health inspector.
  • BCA: This course is perfect for students who have an interest in computer science and want a shorter course than B.Tech. Those who have Computer science as a subject in 12th can pursue bachelors in computer applicants. BCA is a three years course where you are taught deeply about programming languages and other computer subjects. BCA graduates have a bright future in the field of technology and computer applications.
  • B.Arch: If you are a creative mind, if visualizing things and drawing is your strong point then B.Arch is the perfect course for you. Although Bachelor in Architecture is a bit long course but the career opportunities after completing it is great. This course is 5 years long and you need to have maths as a compulsory subject in 12th. To pursue this course you have to clear NATA and JEE Main entrance exams. Compared to other undergraduate courses getting admission in this course is difficult but the job and perks after it are worth it. You will become a site engineer and earn a lot after graduating.
  • B.Sc: Bachelors of Science is a popular undergraduate course among students. B.Sc has various sub-branches and the eligibility is also different for them. Some require biology while some require math. If you want to pursue B.Sc under a specific branch then make sure to check the eligibility first. Some core branches in B.Sc are Anthropology, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Economics, Computer science, Zoology, biomedical science, microbiology, etc.

Going Out Of The Box

This is one advantage for science students. You have the opportunity to choose any graduation, whether it be of science stream, commerce or art. You become eligible for many courses. If you are the one who wants to do something different from others then don’t worry. 

You have a lot of interesting things to do, most people don’t go for these courses because they are unaware of them. This courses not only are interesting but also offers high paying jobs.

High Salaried Courses After Class 12th

  • Event Management: Have you seen those grand weddings and big functions. Those decorations look beautiful, right? If beautiful decoration and managing events are your things then you should go for this course. Event management course is available as a diploma, certificate, or as a proper degree. Now it is up to you how you want to do it. This course varies between 1 to 3 years depending on which program you have chosen.
  • Air Hostess Training: This training is perfect for those who love flying and have good enough height and personality for this. Many institutes provide degree and certificate for air hostess training course. The duration depends on the course but it normally lasts between 1 to 2 years. Job after this course is fun, you won't only travel places but will also be paid high for flying.
  • Mass Communication: If you are interested in journalism, reporting, video shooting, news presenting, news reporting, or anchoring then you should opt this course. Many good institutes offer a degree in mass communication. Even though this course was made for art students but any stream student can do this. This varies from 2 to 3 years. You can also do B.A in mass communication and journalism. You will not only get money but will also get fame in this kind of job.
  • Hotel Management: This course is booming. Due to reputed job opportunities, more students are going for this course. Many institutes offer Bachelors in Hotel management, this 4 years hospitality course not only lead to high paying jobs but also teaches etiquette which comes out to be useful for a lifetime.
  • Law Course: Science students are eligible to get admission in law schools as well! You have to choose a 5 years integrated course. For example, you can to B.Sc+LLB, BA+LLB or BBA+LLB.
  • BBA: Even if you are in the science stream you can pursue BBA. Almost all college around India offers this course. if you are interested in doing business in the future then you can go for this course. BBA is a three years undergraduate course, here you will be taught entrepreneurship skills and will be given management education.
  • B.Com: You can pursue bachelors of commerce if you don’t want to continue science in the future. This graduation course is of 3 years. With B.Com you can also pursue CA, ICWA, or CS side by side.

By now you have seen that there are a number of course for you to choose from. Now it’s up to you which career path you want to choose. Choosing the right course is important. You might like many courses but doing all of them simultaneously is not possible. 

Still, it's easy to choose a course by following the given steps.

  1. List out all the courses that you like. Make a list of those courses. Once the list is ready to find out which course suits your personality.
  2. There are many courses which are hard for a student while many are too easy. It depends on the student's aptitude. Pick out the courses which suit your aptitude.
  3. Now collect brief information about these shortlisted courses. Know what jobs you might land to after choosing a specific course.
  4. You must be left with 3-5 courses by now, now choose the one which best fits you. You can also take help from your parents and seniors. If you are still confused then you can contact a good career counselor.

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