Tips To Do Excellent In Any Interview!

The interview is the right place to make your first impression in a company. It’s the perfect opportunity to show your good side to the employer and grab the job. But giving an interview is not as easy as we think. Every candidate must be educated and skilled like you, then what will make you different. Well here are some tips which will help you to stand out in the crowd and grab the job even if the other applicants have better credentials than you.

Know About The Company:

It is very important to know about the company in which you are applying. This will not only help you in the interview but you will also understand which environment you are going to work. Collect information about the company as much as you can. By doing so, if the interviewer asks you about the company you will be able to answer him easily. This will create a good impression and your chances to get selected will increase.

Go to the companies official website and click on “about us” part. Here you will find all their current projects, what work they do, their annual revenue, and their history. By doing so you will better understand what they are expecting from you. Know the name of Founder and CEO of the company, when the company got started, and where is its headquarter located. These are some common questions an interviewer ask about the company to know your knowledge.

Present The Perfect You:

Your personality plays an important role while appearing in an interview. See from the eyes of the interviewer, would you hire someone with 100% knowledge but zero confidence or you would rather hire someone with 80% knowledge but complete confidence? It's simple, what you show is what they think. Your attitude towards your work is very important, if you are confident that you will be the perfect candidate for that position then they will consider you over others.

Make a perfect match for the job. Present your accomplishment, if you have done something in the past that is related to current job profile then present it in front of them. If your past experience matches the profile then it’s a plus point for you, show them why you are the best fit. Make sure your qualities and skills match the profile.

Practicing Will Help You:

In most of the cases, the aspirant has the knowledge, they know well about the company still they don’t get selected. Why? It's because of the lack of practice! We think that we will perform well, say everything with confidence but while sitting in front of interviewer our mind goes numb. The nervousness makes us stumble in front of them and this lower our confidence, which ends up making us sit there like an idiot.

No one wants this to happen, to avoid this make sure you practice a lot. You never know what question they could ask you, try to prepare all kind of questions, be ready with the answer. Ask your friend to help you, ask them to interview you, create the same environment and the interview ask them to give you feedback. Improve your flaws and practice again. If possible try to give 2-3 mock interviews before appearing in the real one. This will boost your confidence and you won't end stumbling like other candidates.

Pre-Plan Your Outfit:

On the day of the interview you will already be a bit nervous and then deciding the outfit becomes a headache. Our looks make a huge difference, your appearance decides your impression on the interviewer. Try wearing formal clothes while going for an interview, be like a professional.

Go with neutral colors, avoid wearing tacky color. Go for black, grey, cream or dark blue. For men, go with black or chocolate brown shoes with a dark colored suit and white shirt. Women can wear knee length dark colored skirts with closed toe shoes. Avoid doing too much makeup, keep it natural. You can tie your hair, if you prefer open hair then make sure to settle them with spray. Pin up your hair, frizzy hair doesn’t look good in the interview. Make sure to iron your dress a day before, whatever you wear it should be wrinkle-free. Your overall appearance should be neat and clean.

Keep Everything Ready:

Know what all you will need during the interview, keep them ready a day before. Forgetting something will create a bad impression. Keep extra copies of your resume, if somehow you lost it you will have a backup. Carry a notepad, a pen, and list of reference with you. Check that you have all your mark sheets and certificates ready with you. Don’t forget to carry your photograph.

Maintain Proper Etiquette:

Your body language plays an important role. Don’t move too much while giving an interview, make sure to keep eye contact with the interviewer while answering. Sit straight and keep your mind cool. Once the interview gets over, shake hands with the interviewer and leave the room with a smile. Once you are home, send the interviewer a thank you letter or mail, this will make you look professional and will help you stand out of other candidates.

The last thing is to always be on time. Arrive at the interview location 30 minutes earlier, being late is not an option for you. If you get selected then good luck for your future and if not, then don’t get disappointed. Learn from this interview and prepare for the next. Life doesn’t end here.

|Published on May 10, 2019

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