Right Way To Introduce Yourself In Interviews

We all may agree to a fact that the first step towards any success in a career is an “interview”. It sums up the power of knowledge, smartness and the presence of mind. Every trade irrespective of its work culture looks for the assets that can serve best to their company. And to categorize you an asset or liability to the company, this plays an important role. The important thing that one always needs to keep in mind is that “The first impression, is the last impression” and this plays a major role when we talk about an interview.

Big MNCs look for candidates who are not only equipped with knowledge but also possess the reasoning and logical ability. Listening plays a vital role and a person who answers without learning is never counted as smart.

The First Step:

Now the question arises is that how can you make it? Any interview is followed by some particular process. While you walk in for an interview and encounter the receptionist, the first thing you need to do is,

  • Politely introduce yourself with your name and the purpose of showing up there.
  • You may be next escorted to the cabin where you may be asked to wait for some time.
  • Keep in mind while you walk, the way you sit and the actions you do.
  • Sometimes you are monitored from your first step in the office and judged immediately.

As soon as you are called for the interview, never rush too fast to throw your excitement on the interviewer. Seek the permission to enter the room, and keep standing until the interviewer asks you to take your seat.

The First Question That Roll Up!

If you are lucky enough and face an interviewer with a happy mood, Grab a chance. Greet the interviewer and pass the resume if you are asked to do so. There might be cases where he has your resume filled up already keep your resume along with other documents on your lap.

The first question that every interview starts with is “Tell Me About Yourself?” As simple, the question looks is actually the most difficult question. When an interviewer asks this question he wants to know what exactly your personality is all about. Always keep in mind that your interview is based on the profile you seek. Your interview revolves around the profile that you have come for. Now while answering this question you need to keep in mind that you do not need to repeat the bullet points that are already jotted down in your resume. A concise introduction about yourself merged with the skills that are required for that particular profile is just enough.

Focus On Qualifications

It is very important to remember that you need to portray the correct knowledge with appropriate words. A haphazard answer is never a solution. Let the interviewer ask you questions that revolve around your resume. The interview should never be derived as a question-answer round instead it should land up in a healthy conversation between you and the interviewer. You must have the capability to sell yourself to the interviewer and the interviewer being ready to buy you any moment. By selling yourself is not actually a literal sentence but it means that you should impress him in a way that he becomes eager to hire you.

How To Impress Them?

Every company manager wants to know, how much you know about their company. This not only shows your interest in the work profile but also your attentiveness towards the work. Thus, be prepared with the best research about the company. The current revenue, equity, projects and the mergers of the company. Keep your words very simple while you talk! Heavy words and Jargons can land you in difficult situations.

They Know It Better!

There might be questions to which you don’t know the correct answers. Here beating around the bush is just not an option. Your interviewer always knows how much you know and what exactly you know. Arguing with the interviewer is the worst thing one would ever do and can take you to a lost situation. But this doesn’t mean that you need to fluctuate to your answers. Sometimes interviewer may try to confuse you. In that situation try to keep calm, and hold your confidence with your answer if you know it's correct.

The Rapid-Fire

To test you, the interviewer may create pressure and stressful situation for you. This is to judge you at extreme levels and check how well you can perform. Timed pressure interview may be a win if you hold the patience right. At last, thank the interviewer and move the chair inside while you stand up.


|Published on May 15, 2019

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