Choosing Right Career After Class 12th

Its April time! You all must have got free from your board exams by now. As soon as the 12th board tension gets over a new tension takes place in mind. What should I do now? It's not just you, every student after 12th boards goes through the same thoughts. The career tension becomes a priority, some students are clear about what they want to do next while some are not.

A Life-Changing Decision!

Irrespective of what stream you belong to, choosing the right career becomes a critical decision. But why is this decision so important? Well, it's time you step out of school and experience the real struggle. While choosing your stream after 10th, you were given chances to change your stream if you want but now you won't get this chance. A right decision can give you a rewarding career while one wrong decision can ruin a lot of your time, sometimes years! Changing your path is a very rare case after this. Once you choose your goals after 12th you will have to live with it even if you don’t want to. So it is better to take the decision very carefully.

You Might Face Difficulties!

It is normal to get anxiety while thinking about your future, even for me this decision was very difficult and it took me a month to choose the right option. Comparing studies to 20 years back, students today have a lot of options to choose from, but only we students understand that this made things even more difficult for us! There are so many things that landing up to one decision becomes very difficult. At this time you and your best friend want to go to the same college together but then you both have different choices, what to do now? Sometimes we want to do something completely offbeat but our parents want us to go with normal graduation and have a job, whom to listen, parents or heart? All these things mess up our mind.

Parents OR Our Heart?

Well, there is a simple funda. Choose what will make your future, after choosing any career option, see yourself where you stand after 10 years. Does it make you happy? Go for it!

  1. If you want to become a dancer and are not ready to face all the struggles along with it then what's the point of choosing it?
  2. You are the one who knows your abilities, flaws, and good points.
  3. If you are good in studies then doing good graduation course won't cost you right?

You can continue your passion side by side. People think that college life is very difficult but honestly, In college, you actually get a lot of time for your passion. You can do what you want to and continue studying also, this will make you as well as your parent happy. We come across many people who are not happy with their jobs. They want to switch their work but then they either don’t have enough experience or enough money to do so. When we ask them most of them say that its because they took the wrong career decision. Fortunately, we have enough time to think properly and not repeat the same mistake.

Even if you are not sure what you should choose then don’t worry, there are a lot of career options available these days. Gone the days when becoming a doctor, engineer, chartered accountant were the only options. Students today have so many interesting options. You can build a career as a graphic designer, tea tasters, ethical hacker, professional photographer, model, businessman or anything that you like. Here are all possible career choices you can choose from.

Higher Education

1. For Science Student

If you have completed your 12th with PCM then you can opt for professional courses like Information Technology, architecture, engineering, design, etc. You can also go for complete science degrees in chemistry, physics, statistics, or mathematics. Students with PCB as their main subjects can go for BAMS, MBBS, Bsc. You also have a choice in the medical field like Ayurveda, Dentistry, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Botany, etc.

  • Having A Technical Future! Engineering is the most commonly chosen course for a science student after 12th. The reason is obvious, this professional course opens up a lot of career opportunities for the student. Because of its high popularity, the competition is also very high in this course. To get admission in the top colleges for engineering, one has to give entrance exams.
  • JEE is the most popular exam which is conducted by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) for admission in More than 11 lakh students appear in this exam which clearly tells us how important this exam is for students. By JEE you get into IIT, NITs and other top engineering colleges.
  • In engineering, you can choose the branch in which you want to make your future. You get an option to choose from Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Electronic, Petroleum, and Biotechnology. Some new fields like Textile, Nanotechnology, Petrochemical, and Marine Engineering are also gaining popularity. Overall engineering seems to be a tough but good option for a science student.
  • Making Career In Medical Science! In childhood, many of us wanted to become a doctor. Well for many students this childhood career dream is still true. After engineering, the medical field is the most preferred field for science students. To become a professional doctor, medicine is the right stream for you.
  • You can also choose from Zoology, Pharmacy, and Agricultural Sciences as your medical subjects. Medical students can go for Bachelors in pharmacy course. In this course, you are taught about drugs, how they are made, what effect they have on the body and how they work.
  • You can also opt for MBBS, although you will have to work hard in this because of the high competition here. Apart from this, medical students nowadays have other options for becoming a physiotherapist, dietician, nutrition, etc.

2. For Commerce Student

Those having commerce in their 12th class can go for graduations courses like BBA, B.Com, LLB, Bachelors in travels and tours, Economics Hons, etc. Chartered Accountancy is the most popular course for a commerce student. This course makes you land is a high paying and stable career. Apart from this,

  1. Commerce students can also go for other fields like learning about the financial affairs of any company.
  2. It will help you to become a good brand manager, investment banker, human resource manager, HR manager, and other reputed position.
  3. Although there are some courses which only commerce student with maths can opt. Make sure to check the eligibility before applying for any course.

3. For Arts Students

Being a humanities student opens up a wide range of career option. For graduation, you can choose from BA (Bachelors in Arts), Mass communication, interior designing, psychology, journalism, advertising, graphics designing, Photography, Fashion Designer, Theater, etc. Along with this variety of courses, if you want to pursue something different you can study courses in religious studies, linguistics, foreign languages, art restoration, filmmaking, and art history.

4. Changing The Mainstream

It’s time to step out of school life and experience college life. Many times, we take a particular stream so that we could switch to other streams in needed or sometimes we just want to study something different from our stream. Well, this is the time you can do so.

Depending upon your interest and skills, you can change your stream and go for a course which isn’t related to your main subjects. But there are some restrictions while switching your stream like a science student can do (commerce course) but a commerce student cannot go for engineering. Similarly, many courses have their own restriction like for Economics Hons. Having maths in 12th as a subject is compulsory. So it is better that you go to college and find out complete information about the graduation course that you want to opt.

|Published on May 8, 2019

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